You Are A Fool

Hypocrisy is the rotten core of man.

We act so righteous and embracing, blinding ourselves by drawing a blanket of a false sense of security and self-worth that has no grounding in reality. We believe that we have found our salvation through our ten dollar donation, feeling good and smug after giving it away. We uphold and commend core values such as honesty, integrity, openness, tolerance, and moral beliefs that all sound great on paper, but have no hold in this realm.

I won’t speak about Nabra Hassanein, a Muslim girl brutally killed with a metal bat for simply choosing to exercise her right to freedom of religion. I can hear the whistling of the bat as it slices through the air towards her head, the shock that travels through the weapon as a sickening sound of a break skull cracks through the air like gunshot.

I won’t speak about Philando Castile, a lawfully gun owner who happened to also belong to an ethnic minority, shot 7 times for reaching for his ID after the officer asked for it when he was politely informed that Castile was lawfully carrying a gun. A jury of 10 whites and 2 African-Americans have found this officer not guilty, and the NRA, usually so vocal on such issues, is deathly silent.

There are so many more cases I won’t speak about: Finsbury Park, Rodney King, Treyvon Martin, and the list is endless. Do you see your paper ideals now? Do you see how easily discarded they are the moment that false security has been confronted? 

The very nature of an ideal is for it to be firm in the face of adversity, but human nature chooses survival over all other options. Fight or flight. It has been encoded within us since Adam and Eve, and will always be to the last dying human. Your ideal aren’t worth the paper they were written on; it would be better to roll up the paper into a cigarette and at least enjoy the cancer stick.

You may wonder and ask why this happens and the answer is so simple, because, in the human mind, every decision water downs to one thing.

It’s us or them.

Oh don’t try to argue with it. You can already feel the shame bubbling beneath the surface of your emotions as the heat of your hypocrisy takes to your cheeks. Every argument you can provide in defence of these ideals is so easily refutable and undeniably stigmatised, because we all know it only applies to “us” and never to them. If you believe in the values above so strongly, then why aren’t you advocating for an end to famine in Africa? Or advocating against the Muslim Ban that Trump has imposed? If humanism and those paper ideals are so strong in your heart, why do you call yourself a patriot? Why have you divided this world into “us & them” to differentiate your usage of ideals and values? You condem the death of any American, but your drone strikes that kill more civilians than enemy combatants are okay? Because what? These innocents prove to be a threat to world security? Are the innocent lives worth the “reward”? Or are they simply collateral damage of your so called higher cause to cleanse our world from terrorists? Is your faith in whatever religion or god or dogma or ideal worth the loss of innocence and the birth of this endless cycle of bloodshed?

We’re all hypocrites and we know it. We pretend otherwise because it’s so comforting and satisfying to believe that you’re the good person in this story. We fool ourselves for the sake of fleeting relief and self-worth that lasts but the exact duration in which you inhale the smoke of your precious morals.

So what’s the difference between you and me?

I embrace my hypocrisy. At least that way, I am not making a fool out of myself.


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