Soul Dance.

I found solace in the random fox that wandered into the darkness of the street. 

It stands there staring into my brown eyes as I stare back. A small icy breeze ghosts across my arms, raising goosebumps and sending shivers, and yet my eyes cannot tear themselves away from this creature. It takes a step closer with confidence, unperturbed by any threat I may pose. 

At that moment, I realized that she understands. 

For some chilling and incredible reason, every fiber of my being feels connected to her. She continues her approach with knowledge that all I had in my heart at that moment was sorrow and worry. Somehow I knew she carried no malice or fury, but simply we were both bound by feelings of being lost, bound by the heavy burden of responsibility and worries. We were both refugees, afloat in an earthly tempest that pounds against our shields and armor, and yet we wouldn’t relent. In the face of adversity and pain, we hung onto the dream of claiming a safe haven, and decided to survive.

I stare into the marvel that are her eyes, deep chestnut, overflowing with wisdom and understanding that moves my very core. Feelings of longing and melancholic understanding overwhelm me as I feel my heart flutters against its cage. She continues padding towards me, her paws light and soft against the tarmac, her smokey autumn gold fur ruffling in the wind. She stops a few meters away from where I stand and never do her eyes break from mine. Our souls slowly tumble and pour into each other; a harmonious concerto slowly joining each other to find the sweetness of a sad melody that brings joyful sadness to the heart. They dance to the euphony of memories: family, loss, happiness, worries, and so much more. A soul dance with a fox. For our beings were connected by something divine and unknown. A connection that ran deep into the mind, body, and soul. A connection that left no barrier raised nor no emotion unshaken. 

Her eyes break from mine, bringing an end to our symphony, and slowly walks past me, her black-tipped tail whipping behind her. There is beauty in the soundless graceful prance of her ballerina-like movement. I find myself longing once more for the comfort she gave me, her wise gaze telling me that I am not alone in this struggle. 

When she is far away, she suddenly stops and turns to look at me one last time, her silhouette clear by the warm yellow streetlight. 

Then she disappears.

We are, once again, afloat.


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